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Anyone for Tee
A humourous look at the game through the eyes of the ordinary player.
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Biomechanics of the Golf Swing
Offers links to help improve a player's game.
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Parodies of the news with the theme of a private golf course in the backyard using only 3 clubs. Offbeat, PG rated.
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Fred Larsen
One of America's most well known golf pros and an author of stories, anecdotes, and humor.
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Golf Humour
Receive advice from golf's premier agony aunt, Ms Kallas-Way, improve your mental game with the humour column, drop your handicap with the illustrated tips, read 1st chapter of 'Outlaw Golf'.
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Golf Jokes
Hundreds of golf jokes, golfing stories and humourous golf quotes.
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Lucky Pants & Other Golf Myths
Cartoons and tee shirts by Joe Kohl.
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Smith Workz
Cartoons for all ages featuring sports. Specks Golf Adventures cartoons book. Lots of cartoons and fun stuff. Free golf calendar for the month.
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